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Buchanan's Two Souls

New Product Innovation

The perfect balance of authenticity and vibrancy.



Brand Repositioning

Expanding relevance beyond the core.

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Ricola Smoothers

New Product Innovation

Creating a more indulgent and accessible side of the brand.

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Thumbnail_Absolut 100_edited.jpg

Absolut 100

New Product Innovation

An extraordinarily smooth vodka.


Pizza Hut

New Product and Packaging Innovation
Brand Positioning

Elevated experience for "gathering around the good stuff."

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Thumbnail_V8 Shot_edited.jpg

V8 Shot

Product Innovation
Portfolio Expansion

A more approachable and natural source of energy.

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Thumnails_Capital One_edited.jpg

Capital One Spark Card

New Product Innovation

Credit card with advantages for modern business.

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Thumbnail_Absolut Tune_edited_edited.jpg

Absolut Tune

New Category Innovation

Celebratory occasions and the pure pleasure and smoothness of vodka

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Thumnails_Trident copy_edited.jpg

Trident Layers Gum

New Product Innovation

Complementary and contrasting flavors that changed the gum experience.

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Thumbnail_Captain Morgan_edited.jpg

Captain Morgan Loconut

New Product Innovation

Signature shot moment aligning with hot new flavor trends.

Thumbnail_Absolut Elyx_edited.jpg

Absolut Elyx

New Product Innovation

View the case study.

Premium copper still crafted vodka with an authentic story.

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Thumbnails_American Anthem_edited.jpg

American Anthem

New Product Innovation

Patriotic tribute to American roots and benefits U.S. military veterans.

Thumbnail_Absolut Elyx.jpg
Thumbnail_Absolut Elyx_edited.jpg

Absolut Elyx

New Product Innovation

Premium copper still crafted vodka with an authentic story.

Thumbnail_City Series.jpg
Thumbnail_City Series_edited.jpg

Absolut City Series

New Product Innovation

Unique bottles and flavors that celebrated the places they honored in creative ways.



New Product Innovation

Enjoying a resurgence in popularity and credibility as an authentic Brazilian cachaça authority.

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Thumbnail_Doritos Crunch Mix_edited.jpg

Doritos Crunch Mix

New Category Innovation

Great satiety through format, form, crunch and flavor for more occasions.


LIVE Beverages

New Packaging Innovation
Brand Positioning

Great tasting everyday wins for the long game.

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