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Absolut 100

  • Translation of Trends to Innovation Platforms

  • Rapid Concept Prototyping and Design

  • Concept Optimization, Naming

  • Strategic Future Pipeline Building


The challenge

Absolut was the original super-premium vodka but the market had evolved, which called for bringing renewed excitement to a category where purity and purity alone were long the measures of success.

Our approach

Instead of trying to out-premium super-premium vodkas, we tasked the team to be more Absolut in every way. This inspired a more intense experience that presented something truly different in vodka. The higher alcohol content intensifies the flavors and brings a deliciously strong character to the drinks it is mixed with. The elegant black bottle brings a little mystery and ensures there is no mistaking it for anything else.


The Result

Launched exclusively in the duty free/global travel retail, and then in mainstream distribution, Absolut 100 is a bold 50% ABV (100 proof) super premium vodka for connoisseurs and one that stands out in clubs, bars and home parties.

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