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We have developed state-of-the-art processes and templates

We have written over



We integrate industrial and graphic design mastery



of our concepts have gone to market



billion in

revenue generation

We “stack the deck” in favor of an innovation truly succeeding in the marketplace, from concept, through launch, to long-term momentum.

Remote Sessions

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Our Mission

To help organizations evolve and optimize their integrated innovation thinking to go beyond reliable growth to strategic advantage for their brands:





why HIRE US?


Engagement & Attraction Study
Ethnography & Strike Force Local Immersion

London, Tokyo


Indulgence Study
Team Immersion

Florence, Siena, Perugia, Pienza, Italy

Beverage Innovation

Montreal, Toronto

Mega Traveler Alpha Groups

Brussels, Paris, London

Building Country by Country Pipelines (Spirits)

Mexico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, United States of America

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For more than 25 years and as our success continues to grow, we observe many variables and potential pitfalls to success are not addressed in the innovation process.


When not integrated with strategy, design and marketing from the very beginning, standalone innovation can actually get in the way of an insightful idea going to market successfully. That’s why we bring so much more to the table than innovation process:

  • Over 25 years at the leading edge of innovation as a practice and growing strategic imperative

  • Constant proactive iteration of our own tools, expertise and processes

  • Focused on solving client pain-points and procedural pitfalls

  • Comprehensive, integrated strategic approaches tailored to the client’s organizational realities

  • Addressing consumer, brand, design and marketing thinking from the very beginning of the process

our core team


A self-professed corporate anarchist, Marco is renowned as a pioneer in the field of inventive global branding and marketing. A compelling and gifted speaker, ingenious thinker, inspired author and revolutionary innovator, Marco’s intense passion and infectious spirit position him as a unique driving force amidst cross-functional teams and corporate cultural land mines.


Since founding Marco Polo Explorers over 25 years ago, he has created countless successful new products for some of the largest companies in the world. Marco is a seasoned veteran and long-time champion of new approaches and innovation models with a proven history of driving accelerated growth for global brands to start-ups and everything in between.


Marco Marsan


Joe is a brand strategy and communications development consultant who has worked with many leading agencies and helped some of the world’s greatest brands with a variety of challenges. Highly skilled in helping organizations understand their unique views, values, and approaches to evolve into mission-driven brands that resonate with stakeholders and audiences in authentic ways, Joe has worked at a senior level on both client and agency sides for some of the world’s most renowned brands. Joe has a B.A. from the University of Minnesota and an MBA from Webster University in Vienna, Austria. In his spare time, Joe is an amateur photographer who enjoys traveling, hiking, fostering shelter dogs, and personal wellness.

Chief Strategist

Joe Konieztko


Blending the creativity of marketing and design with project management has been a true passion of Debbie’s since she was a young entrepreneur selling Hawaiian leis for her family’s business. Building upon her past work creating compelling advertising, promotion and fresh approaches in public relations for well-known retail brands, she finds great fulfillment in seeing ideas come to life. Debbie’s experience in market analysis and budget management are also greatly appreciated by our clients. Debbie earned a BBA in International Finance & Marketing from the University of Miami. Aside from being an innovative marketing strategist, she can be found in the great outdoors hiking and taking pictures capturing every moment through the lens.

Project Manager & Designer

Debbie Sadorra


Jim has been running – literally – around the halls of MPE for nearly 22 years now. Armed with an industrial design degree from University of Cincinnati’s College of DAAP and an insatiable curiosity, he believes a better idea is always around the next corner. He has leveraged this expertise to discover new solutions and bring them to life through sketches, multiple design patents, and many products in market. And if you happen to spot someone laughing while welding, sewing, cooking, hiking or running with scissors, take a second look – it might be Jim!

Creative Director

Jim Tobergta

Kevin W..jpg

Spanning more than two decades of experience in global branding as well as entrepreneurial design and strategy, Kevin’s expertise ranges across a variety of disciplines, including packaging, print, marketing, merchandising and video and photography direction. He believes the key to creating successful brands begins with understanding the story behind them, and communicating that to consumers. The more genuine the story, the more compelling the brand. A seven-year veteran with MPE, Kevin also teaches outdoor functional fitness classes centered around interaction with nature in his native Cincinnati. Ever connected to the earth, he is also passionate about food and loves to taste and create dishes with the best ingredients nature has to offer.

Senior Graphic Designer

Kevin Wimmer

Our Core Team
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