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This series of Culture & Commerce Drivers is our most comprehensive yet. We took great pains to consider the effects of the pandemic and lockdowns but keep them in perspective as we re-emerge into an uncertain future. There were many dynamics in play in every category before 2020. Some were stifled, others were accelerated, and countless others were somewhat redirected by the seismic changes in our human perspectives, priorities, motivations, and behaviors. We believe these to be among the most relevant drivers in current and near-future commerce, but we remain vigilant to changes as the future shakes out before us.


For you, we have curated some of our CCDs that we think they may help you see your category from a few different angles. We hope they provoke you and challenge your category, inspiring new takes on your brand promises and a renewed focus on the people who engage it.

My Best Me

A growing understanding of the importance of physical and mental wellness in all aspects of life is driving consumers to foster intentional, holistic, and ongoing approaches to healthy choices. They need guidance and practical solutions in self-care for physical, spiritual, emotional, social, occupational, environmental (physical surroundings), cultural, and intellectual wellness.

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The great re-engagement

We are still figuring out the effects of isolation and the ‘Great Resignation’ of people who feel undervalued, underpaid, overworked, and misaligned with the beliefs of institutions. On the flip-side, many of us are consciously seeking ways to re-engage the world with a greater sense of urgency, perspective and purpose to find meaning, fulfillment, and greater personal enrichment potential.

Thumbnail_The Great Re-engagement.jpg

life enjoyed & fulfilled

History shows that we humans react to large-scale collective trauma first by becoming more risk-averse and unadventurous, followed by a loosening of fears, and then a renewed reveling and sharing in the joys (and excesses) of life—big and small. Exactly how this plays out this time will be different, but many of us are seeking ways to embrace novelty, frivolity and indulgence again in our daily lives.

Thumbnail_Life Enjoyed and Fulfilled.jpg

a better world now!

The culture wars and political divisions may be here to stay, but several issues are increasing in urgency and quickly rising on the agenda of consumers, governments, and even brands. It is more important than ever that people know their choices reflect their values (and show them to others), with clear and real impact on the shorter- and longer terms.

Thumbnail_A Better World Now.jpg

new but not normal

Most of us appear ready to move on to a ‘new normal’, but the parameters of that illusive state are hard to discern. With greater threats and opportunities on the horizon, the only things we can be certain of are increased reliance on technology and digital connections, as well as continued frictions in reshaping our societies. How we struggle, cope, connect and thrive in this time are of utmost importance.

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