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Captain Morgan Loconut

  • Translation of Trends to Innovation Platforms

  • Rapid Concept Prototyping and Design 

  • Concept Optimization with Customers 

  • Strategic Future Pipeline Building


The challenge

Captain Morgan wanted to expand beyond traditional rum occasion and create new news for the brand that had a strong but very narrow role in social occasions.

Our approach

Exploring a creative territory around drinking rituals, the team created a signature shot moment for the brand that resonated at home as well as at the bar. We incorporated hot new flavor trends like coconut water and coconut milk that to make it even more intriguing on shelf.


The Result

Captain Morgan Loconut created buzz the moment it was launched. The success of the concept was later leveraged as a platform for other delicious shot ideas to follow, such as Watermelon Smash and Jack-o-Blast.

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