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V8 Energy Shot

  • Translation of Trends to Innovation Platforms

  • Rapid Concept Prototyping and Design 

  • Concept Optimization with Customers 

  • Strategic Future Pipeline Building


The challenge

Building on the enormous nutritional equity of the brand and its dominance in “veggies” in consumers’ minds, The Campbell Soup Co. sought to expand its V8 franchise into a variety of untapped occasions by making it more relevant and exciting.

Our approach

The team sought to leverage V8’s equities of goodness and health and take them beyond the expected (and occasion-limiting) taste.  We explored areas of personal performance and wellness that could use a more V8 approach. One area of focus was energy shots, but made with a blend of nine vegetable and fruit juices as well as vitamins A, C, E and B vitamins, with green tea extract, to provide natural caffeine.

CS_Approach_V8 Energy Shot.jpg
CS_Results_V8 Energy Shot copy.jpg

The Result

V8 Energy Shots are a variety of delicious and refreshing flavors helped make the brand relevant to more people in more occasions.  

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