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Buchanan's Two Souls

  • Territory building using 5C's and Trend-spotting

  • Big Idea Session

  • Optimizer

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The challenge

Buchanan's is one of the most revered Scotch whisky brands sold throughout Mexico and Central and South America but it's 130-year legacy made it a fixture of tradition that needed more modern relevance and consideration in the social occasions of younger generations. 

Our approach

Our analysis of the industry, other relevant categories and popular epicurean culture created an innovation territory centered on barrel-aging, due to its growing popularity outside whisky and wine. It was a delicate mission to have the Buchanan's brand more directly reach out to Mexican aficionados, inspiring a collaboration with Don Julio, a brand that carries much affection and national pride. Together they could pay homage to Mexican spirits culture while helping both brands push their traditional boundaries. Paying special attention to design and brand integrity, the concept was optimized with loyal consumers and master blenders to produce something truly groundbreaking while remaining familiar.

Two Souls.jpeg

The Result

Launched in 2019, Two Souls was received as the perfect balance of authenticity and vibrancy, creating a modern and unique permanent addition to Buchanan's collection of fine spirits. 

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