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Ypióca Fogo Santo / Ypióca Mel e Limão

  • Translation of Trends to Innovation Platforms

  • Rapid Concept Prototyping and Design 

  • Concept Optimization

  • Strategic Future Pipeline Building

The challenge

Ypióca is a traditional manufacturer of Brazilian cachaça, which had been enjoying a period of rediscovery and trendiness locally. But Ypioca had long been seen as less premium than other spirits and without a relevant story to give it credibility in taking cachaça to new places.

Our approach

The team did a full audit of the brand, its history and current health to reveal its “Brand Latitude” and the new directions it might take.  The Big Idea Session utilized our proprietary social, cultural and flavor trends database to create concept territories that aligned with the brand and its potential audiences. We leaned into the national and regional pride Brazilians exude for local products and traditions. The resulting product concepts were reviewed and further worked on with local consumers in our Consumer Gauntlet.


The Result

Yipóca delivered several new and premium products in less than 18 months, including FOGO SANTO and MEL E LIMAO. And the brand is enjoying a resurgence in popularity and credibility as an authentic Brazilian cachaça authority.

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